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Originally Posted by GoJays View Post
Quick question mwf13: do you really want autographs of players who's auto's are already flooding the market? Many of the names you listed have autographs in numerous companies, let alone products. All of the hockey players you listed (save Eruzione, who does have very exclusive auto's from years past) have been featured consistently in products for the past 3-4 years (since Panini's arrival).
If you read my post carefully, you would have noticed that I mentioned that I only collect the base cards. I have never collected the autographs, and never will.

So to answer your question, I don't really care about whether or not the players in Sportkings have had numerous autos in other products....all I care about is having an improved base card checklist with more stars/superstars and fewer totally obscure athletes. I'm pretty much a walking sports encyclopedia (as my wife and friends would tell you), but when a quarter of the checklist is people I have never heard of, that's a bit much.
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