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Fair enough. But for this customer, the ratio between superstars and non-household names has gotten a bit out of whack in Series F, to the point that I don't think Series F offers good value any more at $90/box.

I'm pretty much a walking sports encyclopedia, and there are twelve names I have never heard of in Series F (25% of the checklist), which is much higher than any series in the past. And Series E had a much stronger checklist overall than Series F, with far more major sport superstars (Ripken, Griffey, Sandberg, Henderson, Griffey, Hornung, Franco Harris, Sayers, David Robinson, Guy LaFleur, Evander Holyfield, Kyle Petty, Doyle Brunson, Bjorn Borg, Martina Navratilova).

I would also add that I think you underutilize the greatest strength of your product, namely its artwork. Instead of having mini cards (which are difficult to store/display), why not have box toppers utilizing the base card artwork. Having brought Jared Kelley aboard, why not utilize him more? In Series E, all you used him for were 1/1 cards, which by definition can only be owned by 1 person at a time. Why not have him do more oversized cards/box toppers (the Memorable Moments is a good start in that direction), or make his regular cards #/5 or #/10 so more people can enjoy them?

Or how about having base card autos instead of utilizing a separate (and in my opinion rather ordinary) design?

Please take these suggestions as constructive criticism from someone who wants to help you improve Sportkings, not someone who wants to be an adversary.
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