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Originally Posted by Dacubs View Post
Wouldn't that also increase the price, as well as the time it would take for Mr. Kelley to paint 5 or 10x the amount that it does now...
Jared created at least 316 different, unique paintings for Series E. I've been told it takes the most time making the first one. If multiples of the same card were made, from the 2nd one on, they'd go faster.

I would guess it would take less time to make 65 different cards with multiples of 5 each, and it would allow a few collectors to attempt to build complete sets while keeping the box price the same.

I like 1/1 cards, but I really like being able to complete sets. Being a master set builder, Sportkings is tough.

Series F will have many nice cards in it...most of which will be 1/1s. If 1/1s add value, then Sportkings is trying to deliver.

Series A had approximately 189 1/1s.
Series B had approximately 320 1/1s.
Series C had approximately 333 1/1s.
Series D had approximately 367 1/1s.
Series E had approximately 949 1/1s!
Series F??? I'm guessing even more, but I could be wrong.

Plus, there are many, many more when counting their nice redemption programs.

So if you like hitting or collecting 1/1s, I believe Sportkings is trying to appeal to you.
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