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I was optimistic about this idea at first.. I didn't think there would be such negative responses. There was 250 comments on the blog post last I checked. Over 200 were negative. many big and small buyer and sellers were out. Flippers are practically non-existent. And, well, I went from 20-30 cards sold per day, i'm at 0 and the days half over, and 90% of them 90% off, or way more.

Again, I was optimistic, and that is dead after seeing how many people are leaving. The flippers have NO market anymore. I'm going to keep checking in to the site to see what happens, but for now, time to fold for me as well. I've bought, and sent in over 6000 cards.. and many of the other sellers leaving have bought that many, and most, way more. Those cards won't go purchased anymore except by the big guys.
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