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chicken little syndrome again. only a few people are really tossing a fit, most don't even use real names and who knows if they even buy or sell on there. cardko is making himself look bad in everything he/she types, ya dig man?

there was a time, not so long ago when bv went out the door and we all survived (yes they did bring it back though). SELLERS still can see it on what they have or what they have added, buyers cannot unless they purchase beckett ops. they are doing this historical thing which may or may not work. just use ebay to get a price guage. yes flipping will be harder but unless the card is new or rare we pretty much all know what it is going to sell for.

I have 187 cards w/BV NA, please tell me how beckett can help that for pricing and discounting rates?

It's like all these people whining about topps and redemptions, yet they keep buying them or keeping them and I think they enjoy calling topps and getting the run around and then announcing to the world they are mad.


check out this blog and all the posts to it....seeeeeee toldyaso
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