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mfw13 is this more constructive criticism as you mention in a previous post.

Doesn't look like that to me.

Your opinions are your opinions and you are entitled to them and I respect them but when you say "why people collect it" you are speaking for others and there I disagree with your right to do so.

People collect Sportkings for many reasons and when we put in polo players, cricket players, cyclists etc I get hundreds of emails of thanks for doing so.

In an earlier post, I stated what the Sporkings brand is about and I intend to stay true to that concept.

If you have true constructive criticism and advise, just PM me. I would appreciate it, especially if you can help me sign Aaron, Mays, Ewing, Abdul-Jabbar and Erving all of which should not be a problem to do as mentioned in your earlier post.

Waiting for your PM.

Brian Price
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