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I'm pretty much a walking sports encyclopedia, and there are twelve names I have never heard of in Series F (25% of the checklist), which is much higher than any series in the past. And Series E had a much stronger checklist overall than Series F, with far more major sport superstars (Ripken, Griffey, Sandberg, Henderson, Griffey, Hornung, Franco Harris, Sayers, David Robinson, Guy LaFleur, Evander Holyfield, Kyle Petty, Doyle Brunson, Bjorn Borg, Martina Navratilova).
I'm not a walking sports encyclopedia but I know a great deal about each of the following athletes. I'm guessing at least half of the four athletes below are athletes you haven't heard of:
260 Cambiaso, Adolfo Polo
264 Coppi, Fausto Cycling
275 Gonzalez, Juan Gomez Soccer
276 Granaglia, Umberto Bocce

I am thrilled that a sports card manufacturer even considers the inclusion of these athletes. While there are some athletes on the list I've never heard of, mainly from sports I am not a big follower of (i.e. boxing), I always research all athletes included so I can appreciate their inclusion in Sportkings.
Perhaps, you should research the 12 athletes you have never heard of and add a volume to your encyclopedia.
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