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Ryan said he will post some additional info before the release.

I too was quite surprised and a little disappointed. I was interested in those sets much more so than Carnival, from a theme perspective. In fact, I really just bought a few packs of Carnival because I thought it would be a 'safe' way to get a feel for the Viceroy product. I'm impressed.

Too bad I don't have the type of wealth that allows me to come up with over $1000 with just 1 week notice. I'm actually starting to get quite annoyed with the short notice for pre-sale dates (not limited to Viceroy by any means). Is it too much to ask for a month to plan for a $500-$1000 purchase?

I think if you are asking for money 3+ months in advance, the least you could do is give me 1 months advance notice on when the money will be requested. And I don't buy the argument that large scale released don't announce the pre-sale date a month in advance. 95% of large scale releases don't sell out in minutes... almost every one of these small scale sketch releases does.
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