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Originally Posted by Spider-Fan View Post
Ryan said he will post some additional info before the release.

I too was quite surprised and a little disappointed. I was interested in those sets much more so than Carnival, from a theme perspective. In fact, I really just bought a few packs of Carnival because I thought it would be a 'safe' way to get a feel for the Viceroy product. I'm impressed.

Too bad I don't have the type of wealth that allows me to come up with over $1000 with just 1 week notice. I'm actually starting to get quite annoyed with the short notice for pre-sale dates (not limited to Viceroy by any means). Is it too much to ask for a month to plan for a $500-$1000 purchase?

I think if you are asking for money 3+ months in advance, the least you could do is give me 1 months advance notice on when the money will be requested. And I don't buy the argument that large scale released don't announce the pre-sale date a month in advance. 95% of large scale releases don't sell out in minutes... almost every one of these small scale sketch releases does.
I also agree.

Speaking on all products in general. I'd like to hear info, then a solid release date (may change a few days or week, but general reference), then date(s) for preorder. Ideally I'd like to have at least a 1 month heads up on a preorder date. Lets me save some money to the side that I'll have enough to purchase product and still have plenty left over for other various items.

Kind of happened with Carnival, and I'd like to pick up a case of The Deep, but I won't be able to shell out enough for a case this soon.

These releases are just reminding me that I need to put more money to the side and save up more lol.
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