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Originally Posted by KevJo View Post
I really don't, something I have always done. Started on some Golf forums I am a member at.

At least your name isn't something like Keviniqua, or I'd feel really bad for you then

Originally Posted by cking View Post
So you have not shipped my BGS 10 Pristine Tom Brady Contenders yet?

My patience is growing thin

Good to see you back Benny

2 week suspension for promoting gambling

csteezy told everyone to suk his you know what and sent a damaged card knowing full well it was damaged and he did not get a suspension or anything.

Thanks Crystal. The BGS 10 Contenders Brady will be going out when I retire in eighty years time from now and have enough to pay for half of it Yeah I noticed A LOT of scammers posting freely why I was suspended (there was also that Brandon guy with like a 67% iTrader), and it made me wonder where the priorities are sometimes

Originally Posted by hotbox View Post
So.... How much you win?
A few trillion or so.
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