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Originally Posted by Spider-Fan View Post
I think one thing that upset some people was that the second wave of SolarFly pre-sales for Carnival had just a four pack limit. People who missed the first wave thought they would still have a chance at an MSRP case during the second wave but didn't. I realize that was a much smaller run and you probably had an interest in spreading the remaining packs around to as many collectors as you could.

Should people learn from Carnival or do you think with the increase in set size that the second (and third, forth, etc...) wave will have the same 2 case cap per person?
1st wave has a 2 case limit, 2nd wave has a 1 case limit, 3rd wave will either have 1 case or a pack limit, depending on the final case count per set. Also I believe if you ordered 1st wave, you sit out the following waves.

Blowout will be different, but I assume similar limits to what they had before.
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