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Originally Posted by jkbball View Post
I agree with the big sellers. Most will stay. No disrespect taken. A lot of the small ones will be gone it appears.. I'm not sure what will happen. Interested in seeing what happen though. Hope all the sales are going well for you despite the changes.
I guess this is what all capitalism ends up with...the bigger get bigger and the small non existence! I personally think all business eventually only want big clients. Ebay is going this routes and now COMC is going this routes. It is much cost efficient to please a few number of sellers then to please thousands of small ones. And it is usually the small ones who whines and complain and only want free services.

Business is business, PERIOD! COMC is still a great business model and they have out expand themself to the point that they might need to sacrifice some people. I am sure it is not their intent from all the quick responses they been given out. REMEMBER, most other company (ebay) wont even respond to any users concern. LETS support COMC as this is one of the few companies that still support and care about its users. BUT they still need to make profit
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