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I still see it as no different marketing wise than anything else...heck, with sportkings, you still have a better chance than with topps, upperdeck or panini...i'll take my 1 in 16 chance at a case hit that is worth 4-5x the box price (and that doesn't even factor in other cards that would sell more than the box price)

if you're buying sportkings for the auto or GU, then just buy singles or the set...why are you trying to make them change it if it works....don't worry, if you are right and they end up driving away the card collectors and such, its their business that will tank and they will adjust their strategy...

easy enough...if you don't like the product, don't buy it...none of the companies will lose sleep over least Dr. Price is willing to listen and explain the difficulties in licensing, but you don't want to hear it...

and I do buy 1-2 boxes of sportkings each release for fun....if I score the big hit, fine, if not, (and there are many times I have not) then you just deal with it like any other product
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