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Originally Posted by mfw13 View Post

I like having some obscure athletes in Sportkings too, but not as many as are in Series F, and not at $90/box.

My bigger point is that at that price, and with that many obscure athletes in the checklist, it greatly increases the odds that most boxes will be money-losers. And I am neither inclined to, or able to afford to, spend $90 on a box when I am almost certain to lose money on it.

I collect Sportkings for the base cards, which I think are the best-looking cards being produced in the hobby today. But given that after release I will be able to buy the complete Series F set for $40-50 on Ebay (although I would much rather be able to build the set myself through buying boxes), why should I spend $90 on a box that is only going to contain four base cards (i.e. 1/12th of the base set) and one "hit" that is more likely than not going to be worth far less than the price of the box?

That's the question I'm trying to get Dr. Price to answer...

My concern, in it's simplest form, is that I think the product is being financially structured to only be affordable to case-rippers (who I view as nothing more than profit-seeeking gamblers/middlemen), rather than the people like me who actually love and collect SportKings, and would like nothing more than to be able to build the base set by ripping a few reasonably priced boxes.
You claim to be a "walking sports encyclopedia" and then state you only know 36/48 athletes on the list. Information on all 48 athletes on the list is very easy to find, and they all have significant achievements in sports.
Don't say you are a "walking sports encyclopedia" and than admit you don't know 12/48 athletes on a list of athletes that would all be in any sports encyclopedia.
You immediately lose respect when making such a claim.

As for your opinion on the value of Sportkings, if you don't like the price don't buy it. If there are enough people that share your opinion than the manufacturer will have to adapt to consumer demands or risk going out of business.
I will be buying Sportkings F at $90/box because I have been very happy with Series A through E and don't expect that to change for Series F.
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