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I have thousands of cards hi & low. all cards in my PC are in one touch or screw downs for super hi end's. everything else is in top loaders. But like a few others here I go the extra mile in taking care of my PC and top loader cards. All hard cases, one touches & screw downs & top loaders are in baggies. I put cards in sleeves proper size top loader then in a baggie and I assure you there will never be a problem. a little costly but worth the price. No scratched hard cases, No loose cards falling out of top loaders. can handle them without fear of any type of damage, minus folding the top loader. which can not ever happen as I don't let children in my house let alone near my cards.
My input
BTW as far as the question of the topic: 180 for most patches and 360 one touch is the next jump in size. but really anything from the cup should be in one touches. if I had a seller send me a Cup card in a top loader you can bet it will be in the mail right back to him the same day. high end cards need to be cared for properly for the amount of money spent on them. also this time of year you better be thinking of climate control environments as well, so important.
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