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Originally Posted by Gbulldogs1010 View Post
Ok thanks. All is good now! How expensive is it to ship? And do you stamp the return envelope or what?
Put $10 in the envelope to him he will provide the return envelope as some of the envelopes are too small for him to place roughly $10 worth of Brazilian postage on them. You'll have to check with your post office for shipping rates to brazil. This package I believe cost me $7 a small envelope was like $3???

He speaks good English so don't try and butcher something in Spanglish to him.
In 2011 I hung out with Luis polonia for a day in the Dominican. I asked him if he gets a lot of fan mail and he said a little bit. He said its offensive when Americans write him in botched Spanish thinking he doesn't know English. I laughed and said you actually get people that try that? And he replied "all the time, I was in the states for almost 20years do they think I sat on my thumbs the entire time....." Kinda funny
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