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Originally Posted by iuhoosierbb View Post
1 of 2 successes today and a big time vent coming from me regarding my "failed success."

First the good news...Jimmy Key signed 1/1 in about 3 weeks. He signed in blue sharpie.

The bad news...Goose Gossage just screwed me over. I sent him 1 card plus a $10 cash donation (which is what others were saying he required to sign). Today the card came back unsigned in my return envelope, and you guessed it...he kept the $10! I am a little agitated right now. I clearly stated in my letter that I was making a donation in exchange for his time to sign the card. What a jack$%#!!!!
That's horrible-if he did that on purpose he's a jerk! He is a Yankee though, so it is expected.
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