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Originally Posted by ToppsCollector1 View Post
Day 91! 1/4 done! now, is that all 24hrs of 7/21 as well or until our first post of 7/21?
Day 92. Armyatc22 pretty much says it best but since I have to write my own answer here it is....

Originally Posted by armyatc22 View Post
Day 104

Depends on the card. Thinner cards no, team bag with decoys or extra base on the outside is good enough. Thicker cards, yes BUTTTTTT I only use painters tape (it doesn't stick to the toploader)
...i can go both ways on this. In my experience the mid-high end stuff like Tribute/Chrome, whatever dont slip out if its in the appropriate sized toploader. Cards like your regular base Topps do tend to slip out every once in a while so thats when tape is most appropriate

So once again, I go both ways when it comes to toploaders and tape.....
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