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Originally Posted by msumarr54 View Post
Make him an offer on a VERY low end card. Would be lucky to see .50 on a good day, but I don't feel like searching an offer a buck. Outright rejects it and raises the price by over a dollar. I know I'm a high roller and all but I'm not going that extra buck to that if you have a 2008 Bowman Chrome Carlos Guillen X-Fractor....................I'm your man
Did you consider that maybe his observation of your offer was the first time he noticed that the only other COMC sale of that card was for $2.63??

I saw a $15 card the other day for $7.75 on COMC. I made an offer of $5. The seller raised the price to $10 and countered at $7. So I bought the card for $7.
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