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Originally Posted by iuhoosierbb View Post
1 of 2 successes today and a big time vent coming from me regarding my "failed success."

First the good news...Jimmy Key signed 1/1 in about 3 weeks. He signed in blue sharpie.

The bad news...Goose Gossage just screwed me over. I sent him 1 card plus a $10 cash donation (which is what others were saying he required to sign). Today the card came back unsigned in my return envelope, and you guessed it...he kept the $10! I am a little agitated right now. I clearly stated in my letter that I was making a donation in exchange for his time to sign the card. What a jack$%#!!!!
He is known to do that. I read once a while back he signed a photo twice. One overlapping the other. He doesn't focus on signing stuff. He is often talking on the phone or being distracted by something else, and is not the best of signers.

I'd be just as mad as you. Luckily it was only $10. Willie Mays has done it to others when they sent over $100.

But $10 is $10, and you have every right to be mad. I'd send him a letter and see if you can get him to sign it. Explain it, but be polite. Hopefully he will sign it.

Good luck!
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