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Originally Posted by mrwalken View Post
So, if you happen to see a card priced way below the past sale number, it might be a good idea to just grab it instead of trying an offer.

Originally Posted by msumarr54 View Post
WELL..........SURE, I gave it thought.........but then I realized this is a .50 card, not a mislabeled $15 gem. This card sucks....crap I just bought a blue refractor from good ol' WilsonValdez for less than a 1/3 of his absurd price.

Price stuff however you want. Thats fine by me. But don't see that I'm interested with a FAIR offer, reject it, and bump the price up another 1.25.

That's a real richard move right there.......
So you think your offer was fair even though the only other one sold for $2.63? Surely you see where I'm coming from.
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