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I think the cards you got are amazing!!!! I was in the same boat as you on a smaller scale, bought and redeemed (Panini) 4 brad richards peerless patches paid roughly $25 each and they sent me 4 replacements as such - cody eakin prime time auto, klingberg calder contenders, couturier nhl ink, and faulk rookie treasures. so with shipping and all I paid $125 and they sent me $35 worth of replacements and when I called to ask if it was a joke they said beckett value is equal and i told them beckett value was a joke and shouldn't even be considered with patch cards as none are the same, autos yes and rookies yes beckett all you want but patch no. they said their business runs off beckett value and I told them even though beckett completely diminishes Panini products? I had to send them back and they re-opened my requests for the originla cards so now I am stuck waiting for them plus had to pay for registered shipping to send them back
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