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Originally Posted by thebrokepoet View Post
Correct me if I'm mistaken ... but he is always the lowest price card available ... and to some people half off is not a reasonable offer ... especially if that half off is the most you can ask . He has taken offers from me before . Does often actually . And especially if he is not the lowest card . Example he had a card for $3 . Another seller had it at $2 . I offered JoelsHitShow $1.5 and he took it . But if a card was marked $1 and you offered 50 cents ... the next lowest card was $2.5 ... I wouldn't take your 50 either . Especially with the price rates now on the site . Another example he had a $5 booked for $5 refractor for my PC I needed . I offered him $2.5 .. Took it . Soundslike the typical ... I can't actually pay for that card ... its for my PC routine
^^^ This guy gets it.

Sorry OP, the original post just reeks of entitlement.

Originally Posted by Jeramy View Post
I only reprice if I see I'm leaving money on the table compared to other sellers. If i have a card I'm selling and i see someone has it underpriced, I've actually made lowball offers in the hopes that the seller raises their price.
Haha ... wow, that is brilliant.
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