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Originally Posted by VeedonFleece View Post
I made someone a $6 offer on a card he was asking $8 for. He raised the price on site to $14 and countered at $9.50. At least he countered - on the three occasions I've made offers to Joel SS, he's simply declined and raised the price of the card. Twice I was able to buy at a price I wanted off someone else.

Now, they're the seller's cards and they can ask what they like. I just think the raise-and-counter-above-initial-asking-price move is low.

It is no different than someone doing that on ebay. They have a BIN listed for lowest on ebay, someone offers lower, they do some research and adjust their price more toward market price. If you want the card, buy it. If you don't, move on. If someone offers me on COMC, I'll usually check ebay to see the last sale and go from there...sometimes I have to raise my price to closer to ebay value (and I'm almost always lowest on COMC).
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