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Originally Posted by thebrokepoet View Post
I bet you dont . And of that dollar JHShow won't see 25 cents of it for shipping . Plus what ever her has into it . You really think you are his get it for less then a dollar shipped ... good luck . Starting to smell like Vinegar and Water in here ... at a show or a shop maybe, friend or donation

I have no idea what message your trying to convey to me by your statement above...........I also have vinegar and water.

In all seriousness, I've realized from the get go this is all over $3 dollars. I simply do not like reject and raise price approach. This is MY formed opinion. My anecdote seems to match up with other stories so I'm not changing my tune. You have your opinion. He's a big time, great seller. Some will say that about bigboyd as well. Its an internet forum....I take everyone's opinion here with a grain of salt......sorry to burst your bubble. And I expect the same. Nobody is going to see this and take a stand and not buy from the guy. I'm not trying to start a rebellion against this dude. Just don't like his practices. And I'm a stubborn ahole. I'm not going to buy from him. So if I come off as entitled and contrived, I might be......but I stick to my guns, thats for damn sure.

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