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Originally Posted by PistolPete7 View Post
Great idea, make sure you post on this thread when you get something in I'd love to see it! Since you're a Red Sox fan you should consider getting a Johnny Pesky card in his Sox uniform too, personally I love the 1952 topps Johnny Pesky, it's a little pricy though. Either way, great idea
Thanks. I am pretty excited. Pesky would be a good addition as one of The Teammates. The Little Professor too. Just need to be choosy to keep it to 25 cards.

Originally Posted by Hallco View Post
I think it is an admirable mission if you are going for "Most Iconic" card of each of those 10. Be prepared to spend a huge amount of money. Graded PSA or SGC is the only real option for these in my opinion. Not necessarily for the condition assessment, but more importantly the authentication. More than likely this will be a long process both for the financial aspect and finding the "Right" cards. You will have to ask yourself if you are committed to it. Good Luck! And as the Chancellor says to Anakin in Star Wars...."And you, young phabphour20; we shall watch your career with great interest"
I am definitely going to go PSA all the way. I have a raw Yaz RC that I will send in. It won't grade well, but it will be a start.

Not sure if I'll ever be able to get a respectable Babe or Mick card, but we'll see. When I have extra money I'll try and get a key card or upgrade the existing ones.

Once I get myself organized I will update the OP with the final list and pics of what I have so far.

Thanks for the good luck wishes... I'll need it!
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