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Originally Posted by mgugs46 View Post
Sounds like a fun, and insanely expensive project

I have the same problem as you - I am constantly changing my collection focus, buying, selling, and repeat. Flip flopping from vintage, to prospects, to stars/HOF autos, 90's inserts, and back again.

Over the past few months I have seriously considered just not collecting anything, because I can never decide.

Just recently I decided to embark on a larger project - basically a who's who of every MLB team - collecting all on card autos of the HOF players, as well as stars/iconic players or from each team. We shall see how long this keeps my interest

I would say with respect to your post, there are cards that are not necessarily rookie cards that are sometimes just as iconic, or at least just as nice for a much lesser cost.
Insanely expensive yea. But I'll start slow. I figure if I put most of the money I blow on wax into this, eventually I'll have some nice cards.

Your collection seems even more ambitious than mine. Certainly in terms of scope if not in terms of money. Hopefully you can stick with it and have some fun.
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