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Originally Posted by Noahkalifungo View Post
Awesome!! Thanks for the help.


5 great returns today:

Kyle Crick c/o San Jose Giants in 14 days

My third return from my favorite player and the far and away #1 Giants prospect. He is seen by most as the next in a long line of homegrown HS pitching talent (Cain, Bumgarner, etc). Thrilled to add this to my supercollection of Crick.

Mark Bordonaro c/o Clinton LumberKings in 9 days

Nice return from the M's relief prospect who has punched out 17 in 12 innings this year. Nice to add to my burgeoning '13 Pro Debut collection.

Branden Kline c/o Delmarva Shorebirds in 35 days

Excellent return from the Orioles' #8 prospect in a system full of talent. Kline had a fantastic career at the University of Virginia, leaving his name peppered across the all-time records. He was selected last year in the 2nd round but has only managed 47.2 pro innings so far due to injury.

Gabriel Guerrero c/o Clinton LumberKings in 8 days

Awesome success from Vlad Guerrero's nephew and one of the M's top prospects. 19 year old Gabriel plays similarly to his uncle (no batting gloves, can tally up a number of different stats) and could find himself in Seattle in the next few years.

Reese McGuire c/o GCL Pirates

Probably my favorite out of a very good mailday. This 18 year old beast was selected and signed by the Pirates last month in the first round (14th overall) and is destroying the GCL so far, hitting .457 through his first 12 games. McGuire and Austin Meadows represent an incredible haul for the Pirates of first round HS talent. I love how the auto came out on this photo.

Nice McGuire. When I was coaching in Washington he was a well known name. Ironically, a kid from our league was taken as a first round catcher last year. Pretty amazing that a smaller state like Washington where you only play a handful of baseball games a year due to the weather yielded two first round catchers.

Clint Coulter, the other catcher, was overdrafted in my opinion. I've seen that kid crush the ball, but the majority of the time, throw him a hook and he won't touch it. Surprised that he went in the first round. His high school coach, long time MLB'r Tom Lampkin, was hyping him since his frosh year. Usually when a veteran big leaguer like that is broadcasting how amazing this kid is, and how he is a sure fire big leaguer people are going to listen, unfortunately I think Lampkin snake oil sold Coulter. McGuire on the other hand is the real deal no questions about it
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