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Originally Posted by Noahkalifungo View Post
Thanks!! Pro Debut is one of my favorite sets for TTM.

Interesting take, it's sick that you get such an insider's look into these things. Coulter definitely had a rough go with the Timber Rattlers to open the season. Reese has such a nice swing, I could definitely see him claiming the dish in Pittsburgh some day.
well its only a few guys i got to see first hand... not a lot of prospects coming out of the pacific northwest... i knew of mcguire because we were potentially going to have to square off with him in the playoffs his sophomore year and he was already making noise around the state then...
Coulter went to Union HS which was about a mile and a half from the school I coached at, so we knew him very well... He was also a state champion division 1 level wrestler and took his senior year off to commit to Baseball.. Another kid that was out of the Vancouver/Camas area that was a top notch catcher was a kid named Austin Barr who is at Stanford now... it was a pretty tough league. We had Tommy Thorpe who is Oregon's Ace and a few other schools had drafted pitchers... It was a fun time to be coaching in that small area...
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