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Originally Posted by Giantsdude24 View Post
Pick your five best Pedroia autos or game used and then go slow on the vintage cards of iconic players. Second or third year cards of some players will be fairly inexpensive in collector grade so if you have a decent budget you can pick up 2 or 3 cards a year depending on what you decide on and who the player is. Even cards from 10+ years for certain players in PSA 6 or 7 are fairly affordable as well.
I PC Willie Mays and you can pick up some nice 60's PSA 7s for anywhere from $100 to $250 depending on the year. The same goes for Hank Aarons cards as well. You can also choose cards that have multiple Hall of Famers on them like the 60's league leader cards in high grade that have great combos like Mays and Aaron, Clemente, etc. If you have set goals it will be fun if you pick up at least a new card every month. I find if I do not pick up at least that one then I lose focus and start buying modern wax or single card autos on ebay that do not fit my PC.
The Red Sox have some really good players and HoFers and you can easily afford some of those cards in high grade from the 70's 80's and 90's. As long as you keep it fun and don't stray too far off task your collection will form right before your eyes in a few years. Good luck!
Thanks for the thought out reply.

I hear what you are saying about the later year cards, probably makes sense. However, I want to try to stick to the most iconic cards of these players. I'll have to move down the quality scale to start but then I'll look for incremental gains when possible. I may even have to rethink that altogether, we'll see.

Take the 1954 Hank Aaron. I can probably grab a PSA 3 for $400-500. When I get a little extra cash I can try and turn that into a 4 which are generally $600-700. Obviously this will be much more difficult and expensive for a 1952 Mantle and some of the others... Which I may never get. Should be fun to try though!

Your Red Sox point is spot on. I'm pretty excited to go after Boggs, Rice, Dewey, Pudge, etc. Will be nice to get 8s or even 9s right off the bat for some of these cards.

Now I just need to find some time away from work and my small children to put a list together.
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