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Originally Posted by JimsCards View Post
Apologies if this has been answered somewhere before...

On COMC, is there anyway for us to see the total book value of all cards for sale by a seller, including cards purchased and flipped? The sellers list only includes book value for cards actually sent in and unsold.

On a related note, is there any easy work-around to put an offer on an entire portfolio, particularly since a few people are offering ports for sale?

Fantastic site... has brought me back to collecting again!

First question you should be able to see the total value on the sellers link. it is sortable by the diff. categories but cards purchased and flipped by each individual is not something that is given out for a category. The sellers can figure it out on their dashboards and I would think if they wanted to post what they paid and what they made they could.

2nd - to make an offer on an entire portfolio you need to add at least one card to your cart from that seller, and then go to your cart and to the make an offer button. There will then be a new button at the bottom asking if you want to add the entire portfolio of that seller. It will give you the BV as well as the seller value and then you can make an offer on the whole thing or take out cards if needed.

Thanks for joining COMC and blowout. My 2 year on COMC is right around the corner.
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