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Interesting thread.
I haven't dealt with the joelshitshow much but i did check and found i bought a couple things from him and a couple were 50% off offers including one of my favorite purchases (Ginter Cole Hamels Auto that he sold me for $12.50). Also he has rejected some offers. So frankly he seems to be just like most sellers in my book, if you meet their price they'll sell if not they'll reject.

The sellers i can't stand are the ones that will either counter down a penny instead of just rejecting or will reject every offer including new higher offers but also will lowball you on your items.

I have no problem with raising the list price during negotiations. It has happened to me on items i have wanted to buy but there have been plenty of times where i didnt want to have that happen so i just hit the buy it now button.

I think because joelshitshows (and really the big comc sellers) does this for a living people may have an issue becuase he might not negotiate as much they would like them to. Not saying it is right or wrong becuase you can sell/buy for whatever you want. However, i think thats why it is just easier dealing generally with small collectors who are just flipping cards for their pc and really dont care as much about getting top dollar as opposed to just making some profit to fund their hobby.
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