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Originally Posted by thebrokepoet View Post
Man ... this guys million dollar collection (probably multi) sucks huh .. He stinks .

I wish he would take all my offers but its just like he wants money or really good cards .

I hate people who do big businesses .

He is such a Richard ... and that means a bad word for penis if you think about it in a "funny" way .

I also HATE funny guys . Hate with all capital letters . And sarcasm .

I also hate the end of jokes . Sooooooo I like to keep them going .

Sometimes I keep them going like three entences longer then they should . Sooooooo it's funny in a way but kind of ruins it in way . But since it's funny I hate it but it's not to so I'm okay with it .
Remember that time you made that thread mocking Jason Collins cause he's gay? So many LOL's to go around in that gem!

This thread should have died 2 pages ago lol
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