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Well after the Goose Gossage fiasco from Friday, today was the best day I have had in quite some time TTM....I received 8 responses today...all positive (with 5 HOFers)!

Randall Cunningham signed 2/2 in black sharpie in about 2 weeks time. I sent to his Church in Vegas with a $5 donation. I have wanted this one for awhile and was happy and shocked that he responded so quickly.

Raymond Berry (HOF) 4/3 signed in blue sharpie. He is AWESOME! He not only signed my 2 cards and index card with a personalization and his "HOF 73 inscription", but he enclosed his own card as well. He signed big and bold on the index card as well! Very pleased with this one. He also sent me an advertisement for his dvd with a personal note on it.

Charlie Joiner (HOF) signed 2/2 in blue sharpie. He signed a card and an index card. He included his "HOF 96 inscription" as well. He added the following on the index card "To Chris: The best to you in all you do". Very nice.

Lenny Moore (HOF) signed 2/2. He signed both a card and index card in blue sharpie with his "HOF 75" inscription. He did send me a note stating that due to Ebay fraud he charges $10 per autograph and states that he trusts that I will send it to him if I can afford it. I will send him a $10 I wouldn't have paid $10 for the index card...but will pay him for signing the card. His auto is bold and sharp.

Bob Lily (HOF) 1/2. He signed the card I sent him with his number and "HOF 81" inscribed in blue sharpie. Very nice auto. He wrote on the index card that I sent him "Sorry Chris, but I don't sign index cards." I actually laughed at this as it took him longer to write the note than sign the card, but I was happy with the autographed card. He also sent a price list.


Lee Macphail (HOF) Personalized 2/2 index cards with his "HOF 98" inscribed.

Tom Brunansky- signed 3/3 cards in blue sharpie with personalization and "Best wishes" on each. Bold and nice looking signature

Lonnie Smith- Signed 2/2 cards in blue sharpie with personalization and "Best wishes" inscribed. Another nice looking, bold signature.

Also coming in today...Bruce Sutter, Rollie Fingers, and Earl Weaver certified autographed cards from Ebay...3 more HOFers to my collection!

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