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Noah and I have been friends for awhile. We've sent each other a few care packages back and forth. This ban took me by shock. Noah is a really good member. I PMed him on eBay asking him what happened and he said.

Hey Mike,

Thanks so much. I would say start by PM'ing the two mods and explain that you've been in contact with me on eBay. Tell them I apologize profusely for making this mistake and it won't happen again. I wasn't trying to pad my feedback/abuse the system and I didn't have multiple accounts (the other belonged to my brother, Jonah). You could also mention my activity in the TTM section, that I always try to help people new to the hobby, etc. This was all a misunderstanding and I would love them to remove the feedback we left each other and lift the ban so I can rejoin these awesome forums. I miss it already haha.

Also, I have a number of deals in progress with members on the site, so if you could make a thread in the member feedback section and basically just say that I was banned over a misunderstanding and we're trying to work it out and get me back as soon as possible. I have mailed everything that I sold also.

Thanks so much for your help, I'll definitely send you a free auto at the end of all this!


- mighties

So hopefully he'll be unbanned, as I don't think it was done intentionally.
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