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awesome, thanks.

How many of the cards that you put up sell within, say 6 months? If you list at a reasonable time.

Basically, what I'm worried about is only being able to sell 10% of my cards. I am very patient, so I am willing to wait it out, but is there enough movement on the site to sell all kinds of stuff?

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First, the minimum 1 dollar thing is largely irrelevant, so don't worry about it. Second, your sell price is totally up to you. Stuff will sell at 50% off (or even full book) while other stuff will sit unsold at 90% off book. It mostly comes down to how patient you are and what kind of competition there is on the site for the cards you send in. If someone else has the same card at 80% off, then there obviously isn't a great chance of selling yous at 50%, but on the other hand if yours is the only card on the site then you have a pretty good chance of selling it at 50%. It mostly comes down to patience in all cases though. You may sell some cards quickly or it may take a long time.

They process your cards as a group, so if you used the 8 week service level all of your cards will show up in your account, ready for you to price them. In the mean time, you should get a confirmation they received them and you'll see the cards listed as pending in your account until they are ready.
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