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Originally Posted by jetscollector10 View Post
awesome, thanks.

How many of the cards that you put up sell within, say 6 months? If you list at a reasonable time.

Basically, what I'm worried about is only being able to sell 10% of my cards. I am very patient, so I am willing to wait it out, but is there enough movement on the site to sell all kinds of stuff?
Here are my stats after just under 2 years and by no means am I a huge volume seller/buyer:

Items Sold 1,907
Items Purchased 348
Items Added to the Site 1,858

I've only had 1 card shipped to me and about 100 or so shipped out to blowout for a special they used to do.

I have 174 cards left in my current inventory of which only a few are from when I first joined. Your pricing, the cards you have (who is hot at the time, new releases etc) all help in moving inventory. I have days where I have a whole bunch of sales and other times a week goes by and nothing happens. There are a lot of guys/gals here and on comc from other places that do buy up a lot. There are a lot of really nice cards being added everyday and I can see the difference from when I first joined (also there were only about 250 sellers then too)
Start with a small batch of 50-100 cards to see how it works for you. Get a feel and go from there.
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