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Originally Posted by jetscollector10 View Post
If someone can answer my questions here, I would be really grateful. Just decided today to open an account and send in about 500 inserts/numbereds/ gu/autos that i've had lying around.


1) They say minimum 1 dollar value per card. With all these inserts/numbereds/ rcs i am sending in, how much can I really expect to get per card. If I put 50 percent BV is that too high?? I want to sell, but I want to sell to people who really need the card, and are willing to pay a better than average(ebay) price for it.

2) How long does it take to start seeing my cards pop up in the catalog if I sign up for 8 week service?

I'll post more questions if i can remember them.

thanks in advanced!
You've gotten some great advice from a couple of guys already (I wish I would have known about this site before I sent my first batch in) but I'll throw my 2 cents in.

I'm a new seller on COMC (less than a month) as well and I've moved more than half of my inventory in that time. When I got into COMC I was mainly just looking to sell stuff that has been sitting in boxes for a while and pick up some extra $$ for cards that I want. I priced my cards very low (about 85% discount at first) and sold a bunch in the first few days. Most of those were purchased and relisted by other sellers. Some of those are still sitting in someone else's inventory while others sold again for much higher than I had them priced. After the first few days, I adjusted my prices (down to about an 80% discount) and have been moving a few cards a week.

Even at an 80% discount, people still make offers for lower purchase prices so don't be afraid to set a lower discount rate (as DaClyde suggests) because you will get offers so give yourself some room to work.

In the end I think you can move your cards for the price you want but it will take some time. I agree with Cactuspies - send in 50 or 100 cards to start. It will give you a chance to get familiar with how it all works then add more inventory after you are comfortable. Also, try to search for some of the cards you plan on sending in - see what others are selling it for and how many are in stock. That will give you an idea of what cards are more likely to sell.

Hope this helps and good luck!
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