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Here is what I love from his responses so far:

1. Its my issue he didnt use DC and the card has not shown up.

2. He told me I would get a refund, but for some reason over a week's time period I didnt get the refund. He did have time this week to post in over 10 threads before I made this one.

3. He is a baller because he "makes" $32 an hour.

4. Now Im a thief because Ill get my money back (which I still have not) and the card will come and Ill get to keep both. By the way if it comes I will just refuse the package.

5. The card will come in a "1 1/2 months" when we live in the same state 3-4 hours away from each other. The USPS may lose some things but its hard to lose a bubble mailer that goes from his PO to the sorting facility then to my PO that literally takes 2-3 days total time. I know this because Ive bought from people all over the state.

It is just crazy how some people do not want to take responsibilty for their actions and its everyone elses issue.
Also check my COMC. Even if you don't use COMC I can have cards shipped.
Shipping can take up towards 10 days due to me being out of the country.
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