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Originally Posted by Nyfancam01 View Post
Wow, are you serious? I told you I sent the card. It's eight damn dollars, why wouldn't I?!? If it never came, that is not MY problem. I don't hand deliver these things. I told you that you would get a refund if it didn't come. My internet is down at my house and I've only checked this site/ebay quickly while at work lately.

But hey, cool thread. My first negative ever comes from a guy who bought an eight dollar card and the usps must have screwed up. I'm not worried about it. No loss though, you'll get the few bucks of paypal back.
Sorry the usps didn't deliver your game used card.

On Ebay/Scf/Bo I literally have like 1550+ Positive and this is my FIRST negative ever. So like I said.. Cool thread.
Originally Posted by Nyfancam01 View Post
$3 to ship an $8 Card? um no.

I sent it regular bubble envelope $2.07

I did my part. Sorry your card didn't show up.. Hopefully it does.
I have made so many deals on these 3 sites, This is my first negative. That should speak for itself. I am not going to get sucked into arguing and stuff over something so silly. Anybody who has made deals with me know I ALWAYS send.
Originally Posted by Nyfancam01 View Post
Okay, one more post... It's LITERALLY EIGHT DOLLARS I AM LOSING FROM A CARD THAT I SENT.... Do you think I'm worried about eight whole dollars man? You guys are making way more out of this than should be made.
I have a job. Eight dollars is literally 1/4 of what I make an hour.

He is getting his paypal back and the card probably will show up! Usps can be very slow and or lose cards sometimes. It has happened to me before. The card came 1 1/2 months later.
From the sounds of it, you DO care about 8 dollars.
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