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Originally Posted by Nyfancam01 View Post
Okay, one more post... It's LITERALLY EIGHT DOLLARS I AM LOSING FROM A CARD THAT I SENT.... Do you think I'm worried about eight whole dollars man? You guys are making way more out of this than should be made.
I have a job. Eight dollars is literally 1/4 of what I make an hour.

He is getting his paypal back and the card probably will show up! Usps can be very slow and or lose cards sometimes. It has happened to me before. The card came 1 1/2 months later.
I know why it's irritating, cause its "just $8", but everyone hates the run-around. If you expedited the refund, I imagine things would be cool. I dont doubt, nor do I think anyone should, that you sent the card, but when you don't ship with tracking you leave yourself open to the possibility of having to send a refund.

NyFanCam has shown he's a good member overall in the past, so I don't think anything drastic past the neg should be done.
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