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Ok... BLOWOUT can't go any cheaper than their advertised case price. So, cases are locked in. I will send in the deposit check the next 10 days. OP has been changed to reflect up to date SLOT PRICES. Here they are:

PP fees:$1.75/slot
S&H: $5.25

1 slot: 44.50
2 slot: 87.50 (+43)
3 slot: 128.50 (+41)
4 or more slot: (+38)

If there are any questions ask.

p.s. Just looking at the calender, plan on having payments due to me by 3 June 8pm EST. If someone cannot meet that timeline, we'll have about 2 days (5 June 8pm EST) to have standby personnel join the break. That also gives me plenty of time to get the funds in to BLOWOUT.
Always willing to talk shop or B/S/T.

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