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Originally Posted by armyatc22 View Post
It will be 13 years Aug 11th. I joined straight out of high school. Basic training at Ft Benning, GA in Aug 2000, Finished my ATC training at Ft Rucker in the spring of 2001, First duty station was in Germany for 2.5 years (1st deployment to Iraq during that time), next duty station was Ft Rucker for 4 years, after that Ft Bragg with the 82nd Airborne Div for 4 years (2nd and 3rd deployments both to Afcrapistan) and now currently back at Ft Rucker and been here for the past 3 years. If you can't tell Rucker is the "hub" of ATC lol which sucks cause its in the middle of nowhere (closest LCS is over 2 hours away) but I have a light at the end of the tunnel......reporting to Italy July 2014 for 3 years!!!!! Can't wait to go back to Europe and now with a family too!!!

I also have a Min of 7 years left till I can retire from the military at the ripe age of 39.

That's about it in a nut shell
That's pretty cool (and crazy). Italy should be great, lots of nice scenery in Europe. The food is a lot better than American places as well in my opinion. I'm sure you can find some good wine there.

Thank you for your service.
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