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Originally Posted by chris_ac View Post
Good thing I decided to check this thread. I am going down the same path with a UD Cup replacement for 1 card that would have been special to my pc. I just requested a replacement for my 11/12 Cup Dual Shield Auto 1/1 Kopitar/Doughty. This was a mega pc card, but I believe it's Doughty who will never sign it. I gave them a list of preferred players starting with my pc of Kopitar, but gauging value is near impossible since it's a 1/1. They will need to send me multiple Cup cards to make up the value of a 1/1, especially a dual NHL shield auto.

How many weeks did take you to get your replacements? I hope UD can satisfy the bummer of not getting a pc card. It takes multiple auto patch cards to equal the dual shield autos. To be continued...
It took a few weeks to get my replacement. I dont know why Doughty would not sign his cards... Were they simply lost by his agent too?? Unclear to me.
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