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Originally Posted by ilovethelakings View Post
Add a bonus day to your total number of days tomorrow, sir, for getting that shiznit right

Now on to the next things you need to post:

7/29 - 30 Rock.....change your avatar to one of the shows characters by the end of the day. Best avatar wins a bonus day!
7/30 - What was your favorite board game to play when you were a child?
7/31 - It's the end of the month. Share some highlights about what you did during the month.
8/1 - August is upon us. I hate August. What's your least favorite month? Why?
8/2 - Post a YouTube video of your favorite public domain song. No video=Severe penalties (Zimmerman....maybe...)
8/3 - Does it matter to you if the carpet matches the drapes?

And my wife said that 30 Rock sucks and will never amount to anything

I just showed her this thread and said

"Boom goes the dynamite"

Hahaha thanks man!!!

But can I pass the extra day on to someone else? I've gotten a lot of extra days already and would like to give that day to another member of your choosing...if not that's fine I understand
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