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Originally Posted by Gmrson View Post
If you purchased a SuperVIP admission, it includes free week-long parking at the Rosemont Public Parking Garage, located across from the Convention Center entrance between the Doubletree and Embassy Suites Hotels. You will pull a ticket when you enter the garage on the first day you attend the National. You are not expected to pay until leaving the garage. When you get to the Convention Center, you will receive your parking pass when you present your valid SuperVIP Ticket at the VIP Kiosks in the Lobby of the Convention Center. You will then use the Parking Pass to exit and enter the garage all week. DO NOT PULL A FRESH TICKET UPON ENTRY BUT USE YOUR SUPERVIP PARKING PASS FOR BOTH ENTRY AND EXIT ALL WEEK. Only one parking pass will be issued per SuperVIP so please make sure to take care of it.
If this is the case htat is great. Sounds like I can park there on Thursday and then buy the parking pass from a supervip during the day on thursday and I will be good to go. OK what supervip isnt going to use their pass and wants to sell it to me?
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