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Originally Posted by raiderguy10 View Post
How many bagillion requests do you plan on sending??

I think you can look at the Raiders first round picks the last 10 years; that'd be a good start. Also the Bengals.....and the Lions trio of receivers......

But guys that instantly come to mind:

Ryan Leaf
Peter Warrick
Cade McCown
Ki-Jana Carter
Tim Biakabutuka (great name)
Lawrence Phillips
Curtis Enis
Rick Mirer
Heath Shuler
Rashaan Salaam
David Klinger
Joey Harrington
Alkili Smith
Tim Couch
Tony Mandarich - Probably the best; good TTMer too
The BOZ!!!!!!!!!!
the 1990 Draft (Andre Ware, Blair Thomas, Jeff George (another TTMer))
Steve Emtman

My Favorite - Todd Marinovich. I'll never forget the day we drafted him. I was 9, and everyone was talking about how great the Raiders did. I looked at my dad and asked, if they did so good, why did 20 some teams pass on him. I got my answer. Also a great TTMer

Those are the first that come to mind, and if I spent even 5 minutes thinking would probably come up with a laundry list. Good luck.
Akili and Joey are from my ducks I have in-person autos from both. I sent to Rashaan Ki-Jana, Heath Shuler and Biakabatuka. I will for sure look into those other guys. I am going to throttle back after this next wave of guys. I think I am going to try and start at the end of summer compiling a mass mailday to next years spring training. I also will be sending to several college football players in the next coming months.... other than that, I will be waiting for everything to come back in...
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