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why doesnt upper deck just become a publically traded company on the stock market and go that way. Im sure by many people not in the trading card industry but just knows them by name and people would probably invest money in their company and this would help them to get back on board.

I personally think the management team may be doing shady business practices right now because they are trying to stay afloat. It doesn't make it right, but they are probably trying to save alot of jobs. Yes they are really killing their customer base by their many faults, but they probably do know it. Im sure the board is sitting there thinking, "I know where we went wrong, but we don't have the capitol funds to fix it currently and the only way to stay afloat is by doing shady business practices." Im sure the board don't want to lose their awesome jobs. I mean, wouldn't most of us who love the trading cards, autographs, jerseys, memorabilia, sports venues, player meetings, etc etc love to have that job and think of it as a "Fun, great paying job."

Don't get me wrong, Im not behind Upper Deck and its ways currently. But I think If they had options and financial means to change their ways, I would think the majority would. But I think they caused their own mess as well. I could be wrong but weren't they the first ones to come out and make exclusive contracts with the top athletes. Im sure that venture cost them big time as they overpaid too many athletes and didn't get the return on their investment that they may have thought.

There's many thoughts here and I have way more on this subject as we all do to decide for them. Maybe they will find a way to bust thru and make things work again.

The one thing I hope is that Upper Deck doesn't come out and say that many of their cards and memorabilia or autos are frauds. We can all think what we want. But the card industry in general would be hurt by those words. Other companies would receive the backlash from many if this would be stated.

Redemptions suck from Upper Deck yes. But when Fleer went under as well, and you thought you could be out, wasn't it Upper Deck who honored those redemptions with what they could for at least a short while. They didn't have to do anything, Fleer could of went bankrupt and everyone was out of luck.

Anyways... lets just hope they either can fix things, or others step up. Just my opinion
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