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I have some Iron Man 3 stuff that you may be interested in, let me know

Iron Man 3
Common cards : Singles : too many to list, send me a list of what you are after
Inserts : HOA-1, HOA-8, HOA-15
Inserts : IM3-MG, IM3-MI
Patch cards : HT-1 , HT-2, HT-3, HT-4,HT-8,HT-10,HT-11,HTD-14,HTQ-1,HTQ-2,HTQ-4,HTQ-5,HTT-4,HTT-10,HTT-11,HTT-14
Auto : Rebecca Hall #RH

I'm looking for Iron Man 3 parallels : 5/6/17/23/24/29/30/35/47/48/53/54/59
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Looking for Printing plates (Star Wars/Hobbit/Arrow/Marvel)
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