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I say close at 10 peeps... no need to keep kicking this can down the road.

Oh yea, my votes...
1) NO PPR... too much B.S. in PPRs. (Really, you need a point for every catch? Weaksauce!)
2) Don't really care which platform, I'm most familiar with Yahoo. Not so much so with ESPN
3) Following year drafts should be based on team performance from the year prior (i.e. league champ gets last pick following year)
4) Snake draft
5) Draft penalty should be -2, with the exception of top 3 rds. (i.e. 9th rd keeper, lose 7th rd pick; TOP 3 example, 3rd rd keeper, lose 3rd rd pick, if you already lost 3rd rd, you lose the next rd higher (i.e. 3rd rd keeper, lose 2nd rd pick if already lost 3rd rd from previous keeper)
6) QB1, RB1, RB2, WR1, WR2, WR3, TE1, DEF/ST, K

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